• The Right Diet For Your Pet | Hill's Pet

    Learn what to look for in healthy pet food & nutrition, including ingredients, quality of the manufacturer, your pet
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    How much do you know about your local animal shelter? Read these 10 animal rescue shelter myths that have been debunked.
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    The government has announced that as of April 2016, all dogs in the UK must be microchipped by law. Many owners don’t necessarily know how microchipping works though and this can lead to the system breaking down, so Hill’s has laid out the facts in one easy reference guide.
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    Christmas is a fantastically stimulating time of year and some of that excitement might rub off on our pets. However, pet parent temptations could result in unfortunate illness or even worse; a very much unexpected trip to the vet for our furry friends.
  • Minerals | Hill's Pet

    More than 18 mineral elements are believed to be essential for mammals. By definition, macrominerals are required by the animal in the diet in larger amounts and microminerals or trace elements in much smaller amounts. All the macrominerals, except sulphur, are described in the text.
  • Proteins | Hill's Pet

    To make a protein, amino acids are linked together in a long chain. The chain is then bundled into to a three-dimensional structure, like a tangled ball of yarn. Although there are hundreds of different amino acids, only 21 are used in animal proteins.
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    Pet food labels can be confusing so you must be educated about packaging claims and opt for trusted pet food brands to ensure pets get the right nutrition.
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    Vitamins can be divided into two main groups depending on whether they are soluble in fat or water. In addition, there is a group of vitamin-like substances that are similar to vitamins without fitting exactly into the categories.
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    Cells are continually under attack from compounds called
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