Looking after your kitten’s welfare

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Atrodi barību, kas atbilst tava mājdzīvnieka vajadzībām

Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a cat food that fits your pet’s needs

The first thing to do is to ensure your cat has all his injections and that your local vet has given you the all clear on his cat health.

At Hill’s Pet we recommend that kittens are kept on one of our recommended cat diets, fed twice a day with cat nutrition and good portion control.

A kitten will get used to his healthy pet diet and grow strong muscles accompanied by healthy bones and bright eyes.

If your own personal circumstances make it difficult to adhere to the two portions a day there are other types of feeding methods for you to try.

  • Try feeding your kitten a small portion of cat food in the morning and again when you arrive home from work
  • ‘Free feeding’ your kitten is where your kitten has access to his food all day, usually dry food. However this way of feeding can lead to obesity so it is important that you take him to his vet for regular checks on his cat health
  • ‘Time feeding’ is when a cat’s diet is on a time set by you. Feed your kitten his food in a bowl in the morning and leave the bowl down on the floor for 30 minutes while you get ready for work. Pick up his food bowl and go to work. Feed your kitten the rest of his food after you come home from work

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