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Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a cat food that fits your pet’s needs

Keeping your kitten safe and sound throughout the year

The changing seasons bring new adventures for your kitten, but also certain hazards. Follow the steps below, and she'll be able to enjoy the highlights of your calendar as much as you do.


Making Christmas merry for everyone

Follow these tips to keep your kitten safe and sound over Christmas.

  • Your Christmas tree will be very interesting to your kitten! Make sure it's well anchored so she can't knock it down

  • Baubles and decorations can be a major hazard. Try to use ones that are unbreakable and not too small.

  • Don't hang chocolate items from your Christmas tree - this is just too tempting to your kitten. Remember chocolate is very bad for her.

  • Holly, mistletoe and yew are poisonous.

  • Christmas crackers, party poppers and champagne bottles all go off with loud bangs which may frighten your kitten.


Keeping Summer cool for cats

Ever noticed how much your kitten loves warmth? How she always seems to find the sunniest, cosiest spot to snooze in? Follow these simple tips to keep her safe throughout a long, hot Summer.

  • Cats are not renowned for being 'sensible' about the sun. Your kitten will probably make a beeline for the sunniest spot in your garden on a summer's day and you need to make sure she doesn't get heatstroke. Try to encourage her to go into the shade during the hottest part of the day.

  • Greenhouses can be a real danger to your kitten. She may go in there to enjoy the warmth and then get trapped inside if the door shuts behind her.

  • It isn't just people who get sunburn. If your kitten is white or has a pale nose or ears, she may need sunblock. Get some advice from your vet.


It's not everyone who loves fireworks

You may think that fireworks are great…. but your kitten is likely to hate them. Here's how to make your celebrations safe and bearable for her.

  • Even if you normally allow your kitten outside, firework night is one time she should definitely be kept safely in the house.

  • The noise of the fireworks can be terrifying for your kitten. Keep her as far from it as possible. It's a good idea to leave the radio or TV on to distract her.

  • Close the curtains. Your kitten does not want to see the fireworks!


Watch out for lilies

Lilies can be lethal to cats. All parts of the plant are poisonous to them. In fact, a cat doesn't even have to eat any to be affected. If they brush past a lily and then the pollen is groomed from their fur, this can still be dangerous. Your kitten could suffer blindness, vomiting, renal failure, paralysis and may even die. If you suspect your kitten is affected, take her straight to the vet.

Really you should try to avoid having lilies in your home. But if you do use them in flower arranging, place the flowers well out of reach of your kitten. Make sure that any loose pollen or discarded leaves are safely cleaned up, and wash your hands thoroughly before handling your kitten. For further information and advice see the RSPCA website

(UK Specific)

National Pet Smile Month (UK specific)

September is Pet Smile Month, set up to promote Veterinary Dentistry in the UK. It is just as important for your kitten to have healthy teeth as it is for you. You can get a free dental check-up for your kitten at participating vet practices. Look on the website for more information.

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