What are the signs of food allergies?

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You see your dog itching all over, suffering gastrointestinal problems, chronic diarrhoea or gas. He might be vomiting or even ear scratching or face rubbing.

The itching might lead you to suspect that your furry friend is the victim of fleas. The stomach problems might make you think that he ate spoiled food or is suffering from a more serious condition. A visit to your vet is in order and may lead to the conclusion that your dog has a food allergy.

Skin irritation in particular is a classic sign of adverse reaction to food. Food allergies are difficult to identify because their symptoms are so similar to other disorders. Feeding your dog an elimination food such as Hill’s Prescription Diet™ z/d™ ULTRA can help identify the source of the allergy so your vet can then recommend an allergen-free food for a prescribed period of time.

Learn more about minimising your dog’s food allergies with the great taste of z/d at Hill’s dermatology products website.

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