How old should your puppy be?

If a puppy is taken away from his mother or brothers and sisters too early, he may miss out on important behavioural and emotional development stages. As a rule, a puppy bought between seven and nine weeks of age is ideal. But don’t introduce your new puppy to the big wide world until seven days after his second vaccination, at around 13 weeks old. At this stage you should gently introduce your puppy to other people and dogs, and get him used to traffic. See our article on socialisation for advice.

Remember: Wherever you get your puppy from, your first task will be to arrange an appointment with your vet for a health check, to make sure he’s in good condition. Remember, too, that buying a puppy is more than a financial investment; it’s an emotional one, too. A little research and some careful thinking now will pay off for you both in the future.

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